Bobby features in November issue of Nylon

Bobby swagged up for the November issue of the magazine Nylon!

Bobby’s been pretty busy lately, working not only on ‘Mix & Match‘ (where he’s already confirmed as an iKON member), but also in Epik High‘s recent release, and now a photoshoot all by himself.


It’s rare that an idol who has yet to even debut in his group gets a solo photoshoot, but Bobby pulls off the shoot effortlessly.

Are you looking forward to his debut?

Yoo Jae Suk apologizes to viewers with a cover of Taeyang’s “Eyes, Nose, Lips”

Caption of Yoo Jae Suk "Eyes, Nose, Lips" cover

MBC variety show Infinity Challenge celebrated their 400th episode on October 18th, and staple member of the show, Yoo Jae Suk, showed a great music video cover of Big Bang Taeyang’s “Eyes, Nose, Lips”.

The cast of the variety show, comprising Yoo Jae Suk, HaHa, Park Myung Soo, Jung Hyung Don (Doni),Noh Hong Chul, and Jung Jun Ha, recently held a press conference in celebration of Infinity Challenge’s400th episode. The weekend variety show has been on air for 9 years, since 2005.

A few months ago, the producer of the show teased their viewers, hinting that there could be special features in the 400th episode.

In this episode, the nation’s MC, Yoo Jae Suk, used a clever way to apologize to their viewers regarding the broadcast accident that took place last week. In last week’s episode, the producers of the show set up a hidden camera and revealed the shocking language the cast members used off-camera.

To apologize for this mistake, a special music video cover was filmed, where Yoo Jae Suk transformed intoBIGBANG’s Taeyang with “Eyes, Nose, Lips”. Fellow cast member and producer, Jung Hyung Don, seemed to have participated in producing the song as he made an appearance in the recording studio, introducing Yoo Jae Suk’s cover and expressing his apology.

Much effort was put into the music video cover, with the crew producing almost a carbon copy of the original. The video starts off by focusing on the temporary tattoo writing “broadcast accident” on Yoo Jae Suk’s neck, and then it slowly zooms out to film his full body and the entire filming set, just like how it was done in Taeyang’s video.

Of course, being a veteran entertainer in the industry, Yoo Jae Suk made it more entertaining by turning it into a parody. Taeyang was shirtless in his own music video, while Yoo Jae Suk wore a tight skin-colored top with abs design, accompanied by a huge chain necklace that resembled Taeyang’s, but there was a comedic feel to it. Just like Taeyang’s music video, Yoo Jae Suk filmed his version against a huge board that was ablaze on fire.

Although there was obvious auto-tune editing done in Yoo Jae Suk’s song, many viewers still complimented him for his singing. Yoo Jae Suk is also praised for his great effort in showing emotions through his facial expressions. He also did some exaggerated dance movements to bring more laughter from the viewers.

Yoo Jae Suk’s version also changed most of the lyrics of the song, focusing on the regret and apology for the broadcast mistake. It included lyrics such as “please forgive us for one last time“, “we will pull ourselves together and work harder in future“, and “this kind of shocking accident will not happen again“.

It was a clever way to let the viewers feel better and forget about the past broadcast accident with Yoo Jae Suk’s music video cover.

Caption of Yoo Jae Suk in "Eyes, Nose, Lips" cover

Meanwhile, Taeyang’s original music video has gained more than 23.5 million views ever since its release in June this year.

What do you think about Yoo Jae Suk’s cover of Taeyang’s “Eyes, Nose, Lips”? Is it your favorite version?

T-ARA Jiyeon’s look alike, North Korean refugee Kim Ara, appears on SBS “Star King”

Jiyeon vs E Ra

Recently, a beautiful North Korean refugee named Kim Ara appeared on the SBS entertainment show Star King, and received a lot of attention for looking similar to T-ARA‘s Jiyeon.

The Star King episode aired on October 18th and featured a star budded panel including Kim Jong Min,Cho Sae Ho, Kwang Hee, SECRET, Teen Top, Tahiti, and many more.

The lovely ladies from Pyeongyang United Arts Members performed a fancy stage. Among those members was “Beautiful North Korean Refugee” Kim Ara, who garnered all of the men’s attention for her similar looks to T-ARA’s Jiyeon. Kim Ara even performed T-ARA’s cute yet sexy song “Sugar Free”.

Unlike her group’s soft girl-like image, Kim Ara showed a bold and witty personality when MC Kang Ho Dong posed her various questions.

T-ara Ji Yeon's look alike Kim Ara on "Star King"

Sungmin and Kim Sa Eun to go on honeymoon following wedding

sungmin and kim saeun

It has been reported Super Junior’Sungmin and his fiance and actress Kim Sa Eun will be going directly on their honeymoon following their wedding ceremony in December.

KBS Entertainment Weekly aired a segment on the recent happy wedding announcement on October 18th, revealing the couple’s post wedding plans. The couple first met through the musical “The Three Musketeers”, and though they haven’t been dating for very long, both sides of the family have already sat down and discussed their upcoming wedding plans. Sungmin and Kim Sa Eun will be heading for their honeymoon directly after their private wedding ceremony.

Sungmin’s engagement to the actress has been met by mixed reactions from fans, some happy for his upcoming wedding and others, showing their anger. K-ELFs took to Twitter, trending #SungminOUT, revealing their unhappiness with Sungmin. Moreover, fans suspected Sungmin’s addition of “mi” as part of his fan signature represented Kim Sa Eun, further angering some ELFs. Spotted on his way to Shanghai from the Incheon Airport, the Super Junior member was seen giving a 90 degree bow to the media, as well at the recent “SMTOWN Live in Shanghai” concert.

Their wedding will take place on December 13th.

YG Entertainment Releases Statement Regarding 2NE1 Disbandment Rumors


There has been recent speculation that 2NE1 will be disbanding, because fans noticed that soon after the news that leader CL would be making her US debut next year, maknae Minzy took the “2NE1″ out of her Instagram and Twitter usernames. She has since added them back, but the rumors have still been floating around.

To ease the minds of Blackjacks, YG Entertainment spoke to TV Report denying all breakup rumors as well as keeping the fans updated on Park Bom, who has been keeping out of the public eye recently.

2ne1 2

On the 17th, a YG representative made the statement, “We are aware that Minzy’s SNS account has been receiving attention since yesterday. Minzy personally manages her own Instagram. It is absurd that there are rumors that we are in talks concerning 2NE1’s breakup due to what happened on her personal SNS account. The account has been changed back.There are no issues with 2NE1’s activities. They are currently staying in Macau due to their previously arranged group activities. They will make a good album and come back as 2NE1.”

Regarding Park Bom, the company said, “Following the YG Family concert in Seoul in August, she is carrying out the concerts overseas as they were scheduled beforehand. 2NE1 cannot put on a stage without member Park Bom… However besides that, Park Bom is not participating in any other domestic schedules. She is currently taking time to self-reflect. Please support them until they make make their comeback.”

Thunder is leaving after contract expires; MBLAQ to continue as trio Thunder is leaving after contract expires; MBLAQ to continue as trio

A rather heartbreaking day indeed for A+. While fans are still not getting over Lee Joon’s news of leaving MBLAQ, here comes Thunder withdrawal too.

Thunder is reported to have his contract expiration date same as Lee Joon, and here comes the worst as Thunder decided not to renew his contract and will pursue a solo career in the future.

In this case, MBLAQ are not making their comeback with three members remaining. As for fans’ consideration, there are also no plans of recruiting new members. Finally, for their upcoming ‘Curtain Call’ concert in November, it’s not yet clear if Lee Joon and Thunder are participating.

Jessica assures fans with a latest post on Weibo

Jessica updates fans saying she will be back soon on Weibo.

She posted on October 17th,”I was so amazed by all the fans that came out yesterday. Thank you sooooo much. You guys are the ones that keep me going & I promise I won’t let you down. I’m not going anywhere, I’ll be back…clean slate”

Jessica made her first public appearance following her issue with Girl’s Generation as the chief designer of ‘BLANC & ECLAIRE’ at Lane Crawford‘s 1st anniversary event in Shanghai on October 16th. She said during the interview,”I’m going to take step by step into the fashion industry. I didn’t lose my passion for the entertainment industry. There are a lot of good things in store for my fans so please look forward to it”.


Kris models for ‘Our Street Style,’ is cast in new Chinese movie, + suspected to have signed on with Hwai Brothers

The previous update on former EXO member, Kris (Wu Yi Fan), brought up the possibility of his signing on with big Chinese entertainment agency, Hwai Brothers, after talks withYUEHUA fell through.  New coverage by Chinese media outlet Sina on October 17 further supports this claim, suggesting that he may have signed his contract by now.

The speculation is based on a recent Instagram post by the daughter of Hwai Brothers CEO,Wang Zhonglei.  She had written, “Wu Yi Fan, whom Wang Zhonglei loves, is a new addition to the family.  Congratulations.  I will look forward to your third movie next year,” and uploaded a picture of the two together.  The post was deleted not too long afterwards, but it had already been screen captured and distributed around Weibo and reported through Chinese media.

It was also revealed recently that Kris was cast in the movie ‘Lao Pao Er,’ which is being produced by Hwai Brothers.  It appears his career in China is really taking off as he additionally took part in a photo shoot with Chinese magazine, ‘Our Street Style.’ You can check out the pictures below.

‘Pride and Prejudice’, starring Choi Jin Hyuk & Baek Jin Hee, releases teasers & behind-cuts ahead of its premiere

Upcoming MBC Mon-Tues drama ‘Pride and Prejudice‘, starring Choi Jin HyukBaek Jin Hee, and more, released teasers and behind-cuts ahead of its premiere!

The teasers introduces its characters including Goo Dong Chi (Choi Jin Hyuk), Han Yeol Moo (Baek Jin Hee), Moon Hee Man (Choi Min Soo), Jung Chang Gi (Son Chang Min), Yoo Dae Gi (Jang Hang Sun), Kang Soo (Lee Tae Hwan), Lee Jang Won (Choi Woo Sik), and Yoo Kwang Mi (Jung Hye Sung).

‘Pride and Prejudice’ is directed by Kim Jin Min and written by ‘School 2013‘s Lee Hyun Joo, and centers around a group of prosecutors who fight to protect the poor, weak, and innocent. The drama is set to air following ‘The Night Watchman‘ on October 27 at 10 PM KST!

Ji Eun is pretty at ’25’ with ‘International bnt’ + picks Lee Kwang Soo as her ideal type these days

SECRET’s talented vocalist Ji Eun recently took part in a photoshoot and interview with ‘International bnt‘, showing herself at the pretty age of ’25’ dressed in a variety of outfits. She wraps herself up in fur, shows off her figure in a form-fitting gray dress, and more, for a gorgeous appearance.

In the interview portion, she talked about her mini-album and the other members’ individual successes.  Ji Eun stated, “Sunhwa had a lot of interest in acting for a while now, so I often thought that an opportunity needed to come for her.  There is also competition in good faith.  ‘25‘ was a song that was born from my discussion with Duble Sidekick about age.”

In relation to her ideal type, she said, “These days, Lee Kwang Soo is so cool.  He is like that in ‘Running Man‘; it’s not a good thing to always lower one’s self but I think it’s amazing seeing him be able to do something like that,” seemingly indicating that it’s nice to see someone who doesn’t take his image too seriously.

In conclusion, she said, “I am weak-hearted in real life, but I am tougher than expected.  I am somewhat introverted, so it is hard to portray an animated image very well.  I regret often being unable to show this to my fans.”

Check out the pictures and bts footage!


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