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최승철 / CHOI SEUNGCHEOL / チェ・スンチョル

Career: NU’EST ‘Face’ M/V



2012 HAPPY PLEDIS ‘Love Letter’ M/V



Every morning SEVENTEEN has a hard time getting up but surprisingly, as soon as Seung Cheol says ‘wake up guys!’,  everyone gets up in a second.

Seung Cheol is known as the strictest guy, but deep inside, he is a very sensitive and detailed guy.

After scolding Soon Young for not concentrating on the dance lesson, he gets Doyoon to soothe Soon young.

He even remained in the empty practice room in deep thought on the day all SEVENTEEN members received a group punishment.

He tells himself that he is the trainees’ role model therefore he tries to look strong and train harder.

He became a trainee as a vocal member (although he says he’s the visual member) but he got interested in rapping,

in love with rap and hiphop for about 2 years now. He’s got the voice and a warm heart, ready to shine on the stage.
– Song that describes me: Dok2 ‘It’s me (Feat. Joo young)
There’s a line saying ‘I’m a wild horse who never learnt how to stop’.
I’m ready to start, I’m never going to stop! Let’s go SEVENTEEN!!

이지훈 / LEE JIHUN / イ・ジフン

Career: NU’EST ‘Face’ M/V



Jihun’s daily routine is just training and training. He wants to show the best he got, aiming for more.
He says he hasn’t experienced a slump yet during 3 years of training and even when he feels he’s falling into a slump,
he tells himself that “it will be over if I try harder”. He always endures pain and keeps on practicing; he even went on SEVENTEEN SHOW on painkillers.
He has many nicknames such as ‘White puppy’, ‘white cake’, ‘tofu’, something that sounds soft and tender.
Looking at him practicing, sweating and the fringe all tied up, he looks exactly like ‘White puppy (the puppy from 짱구).
New trainees often take training easy in front of Jihun, thinking that he is a soft and shy guy but then they get scolded by him.
Jihun loves music, and he thinks he still needs more training… He is running towards his dream harder and faster.
– Song that describes me: Chris Brown ‘Don’t judge me’
It’s the song that I listen to everyday. I like the line “Don’t judge me” and this song just makes me relaxe



장도윤 / JANG DOYOON / チャン・ドユン
Career: NU’EST ‘Face’ M/Vhttp://youtu.be/YczfpTIBxZ4
HELLO VENUS ‘Venus’ M/Vhttp://youtu.be/zcXMGCFNZT8
2012 HAPPY PLEDIS ‘Love Letter’ M/Vhttp://youtu.be/qB5rHO4r43A
SEVENTEEN TV Season2 & SEVENTEEN SHOWhttp://youtu.be/xeHc4U1Sq-A

This 17-year-old Busan boy Doyoon is also known as SEVENTEEN’s mom, with ‘DoDo’ as his nickname.
The boy with a sweet personality and smile has been training for the longest time out of all.
He leads and motivates other trainees along with strict Seung Cheol (a.k.a SEVENTEEN’s dad).
He is the man of men with ‘Man should not do shameful conduct’ as his motto.
He says guys have the responsibility to protect girls and he does his best for his people.
He tries to be a prudent and comfortable person and trains hard to acheive his dream as a SEVENTEEN member.
– l Song that identifies me: Norajo – Hyung
: It is a song that says ‘Life is not finished yet’. I’d like to comfort SEVENTEEN members as well as myself with this song whenever we fall on hard times.



권순영 / KWON SOONYOUNG / グォンスンヨン
Career: NU’EST ‘Face’ M/Vhttp://youtu.be/YczfpTIBxZ4
HELLO VENUS ‘Venus’ M/Vhttp://youtu.be/zcXMGCFNZT8


So it’s Soonyoung that’s been practicing too much that his shirt is thoroughly soaked with sweat.
Saying out loud in front of the camera that he’s taking out braces shows that he’s got the attitude.
He’s the member that the trainees would like to introduce to their sisters and the member that the trainees most rely on.
He thinks that it’s important to make the happy virus to get the team together.
He says it’s quite a concern(as a joke) that MC Seungkwan is growing too quickly as an entertainer.
He is trying his best to be what he wants to be.
– Song that describes me: 40-Zodiac
It’s a song that talks about falling in love at first sight. It’s not just the story this song is talking about but also it made me dream about singing infront of people.
I aim to become somebody’s rolemodel.



김민규 / KIM MINGYU / キム・ミンギュ
Career: NU’EST ‘Face’ M/Vhttp://youtu.be/YczfpTIBxZ4
HELLO VENUS ‘Venus’ M/Vhttp://youtu.be/zcXMGCFNZT8


Calling himself ‘the kid that wants to get stronger’, Mingyu is just like the boy you see on SEVENTEEN TV.

He tries his best and shows everything he got. He is very energetic, can’t stop  moving even when he is being the strict one to the trainees.

He is the one that gives a hand to staff that needs a help.

He gets along well with the older and the younger trainees, thinking that it’s also his duty to harmonize with each other.

He is an optimistic boy, keeping cool even when he gets scolded by the trainer or has a tough time.

You will be amazed by his never-ending charm.
– Song that describes me: Kim Soo hyun ‘Dreaming’
It’s a song that says ‘Running towards dreams even though they may be uncertain’.

I got an opportunity to become a trainee quite unexpectedly but now I’m training hard to become a singer and an actor.

It would’ve been an uncertain and unexpected start but I’m sure my dreams will come true in the end.



전원우 / JEON WONWOO / ジョン・ウォンウ
Career: NU’EST ‘Face’ M/Vhttp://youtu.be/YczfpTIBxZ4
HELLO VENUS ‘Venus’ M/Vhttp://youtu.be/zcXMGCFNZT8


Wonwoo may seem cold because of his sharp eyes but actually he is a cute boy.

He always makes an eyecontact with people and softly hits anyone next to him.

The episode about Wonwoo saying ‘Chan~follow me’ and just walking around the room with Chan then letting him go shows how unique he is.

It’s always a surprise to see him cry while watching ‘Gift from Room 7′ or listening to sad songs. He doesn’t like moving too much and thinks he is a little lazy.

However, he alreay has 5 notebooks of lyrics that he’s been writing and he already handed in the performance list that he’d like to do on SEVENTEEN Concert.

He is trying his best to show you everything he got.
– Song that describes me: PSY-Celebrity
It’s a song that says I’ll be a celebrity for the person I like.

I think I should always keep this thought in my mind. I want to be a Happy Virus to people! I’ll Keep my faith!!



최한솔 / HANSOL VERNON CHWE / チェ・ハンソル
Career: SEVENTEEN TV Season 1.2 & SEVENTEEN SHOWhttp://youtu.be/xeHc4U1Sq-A

Hansol is a 14 year old half-American and half-Korean boy. He has a unique sense of humor and he sees things in a different way.

He is interested in fashion and owns quite a lot of hats. He might seem like a cynical boy due to his bluey eyes but you can see that

he is such a warm-hearted boy as his recent biggest worry was the fact that Soonyoung caught a cold.

He always has a smile on his face and is ready to become an artist  that would make people happy.
– Song that describes me: Kendrick Lamar-now or never
: It’s a song that makes me keep going

姚明明 요명명


姚明明 요명명 / YAO MINGMING / ヨ・ミンミン
Career: SEVENTEEN TV Season1&2 & SEVENTEEN SHOWhttp://youtu.be/xeHc4U1Sq-A

SEVENTEEN practice room is always noisy. If you see a boy saying hello shyly in the noise, that must be Ming Ming.

His Chinese name is spelt Ming Ming in English, and Myung Myung if you translate it into Korean.

The members call him Ming Ming usually though because it sounds friendlier. When he was casted in China,

he was in love with Korean culture and the language so becoming a trainee in Korea was a big opportunity for him.

He packed up and moved to Korea without hesitation and started a life as a trainee.

When we were interviewing Ming Ming, we asked him if he needed the staff who could speak Chinese, but he shyly said, “No, I’m fine, I can do it.

Just talk a little slowly”. Ming Ming looked up the words he couldn’t understand on the dictionary and successfully finished the interview in Korean.

‘Success will be mine if I overcome’ as his motto, he is sure that he will achieve his goal.



부승관 / BOO SEUNGKWAN / ブ・スングァン
Career: SEVENTEEN TV Season1&2 & SEVENTEEN SHOWhttp://youtu.be/xeHc4U1Sq-A

Now we are used to SeungKwan with a mic than SeungKwan running around in Jeju Island. 

SeungKwan, also known as MC Boo or DJ Boo, is quite off-the-wall saying that what he wants the most is battery for his mobile phone.
He is a softhearted boy, crying more than Chan when meeting Chan’s father

and a very cheerful boy, too, laughing at Seokmin, who just woke up, so much that he fell off.
He can joke around even with new-faced staff but when it comes to singing, he is absorbed in it.
He says he still has too much to learn but he can’t stop sighing as dance lesson time approaches.

He feels alive when people smile and laugh… Probably he is born with the talent as an entertainer.
– Song that describes me: Kim bum soo – Last love
I sang this song at the audition. It’s the song that I’m comfortable with and want to sing to people.



이찬 / LEE CHAN / イ・チャン
Career: SEVENTEEN TV Season 1.2 & SEVENTEEN SHOWhttp://youtu.be/xeHc4U1Sq-A

Chan’s first impression was just a regular guy that can be easily seen on streets,  that looks quite like a dancer.

He is really a regular 14 year old boy but if you look into his eyes, you’d be shocked by his passion for his dreams.

His parents met at the dance team and that would’ve made him interested in becoming an artist.

He aims to become an artist like Michael Jackson, having his own style.

Dreams, parents,Michael Jackson, trust in himself… those four words describe this 14 year old boy We believe that this boy will grow more,

reaching for his dreams to become SEVENTEEN.
– Song that describes me: Michael Jackson-Billie Jean.
He is my role model. I get so much energy from this song!

文俊辉 문준휘


文俊辉 문준휘 / WEN JUNHUI / ムン・ジュンフィ
Career: SEVENTEEN TV Season1&2 & SEVENTEEN SHOWhttp://youtu.be/xeHc4U1Sq-A

Probably because he has an experience in acting back in China, Junhui has an ability to adapt to new environment.

He may seem shy due to his Korean skills that need to be improved but he is a very thoughtful boy with specific goals.

Seeing how serious he is with his goal becoming a member of SEVENTEEN, you know his dream will true oneday.

He says his role model is Jackie Chan, for being good at everything so he is trying to become a pro at everything like him.

Junhui plays the piano and reads books in his spare time but also acts like a kid of that age along with Mingming.

He wants to be known as Junhui of SEVENTEEN. He is ready to fly!
– Song that describes me: Beyound – 海阔天空

It talks about the importance of keep trying no matter what.

I moved to Korea after having some acting experience in China.

I’m 18 and I know it’s quite a late start to become an idol. I know it’s not going to be easy but I know I can do it!



이석민 / LEE SEOKMIN / イ・ソクミン
Career: SEVENTEEN TV Season 1.2 & SEVENTEEN SHOWhttp://youtu.be/xeHc4U1Sq-A

It only took 10 minutes to know that Seokmin is a warm-hearted boy who just likes to play and joke around.

He always has people around him, not a surprise that he has nicknames such as

‘Seungkwan’s endorphin’ and ‘Hyung(older brothers) collector’.

He used to have times when he would look at things negatively but becoming a trainee changed him into the boy we know now.

He says becoming a trainee was a turning point in his life and that makes him train harder and give out energy to the people around him.

He hasn’t experienced true love yet, but he enjoys being with SEVENTEEN members rather than

trying to make a girlfriend. He says his only goal for now is to get on the stage and shine.
– Song that describes me: Jekyll and Hyde OST ‘This is the moment’
I sang this song at high school entrance examination and audition.

Every time I listen to this song, the memories pass by.



홍지수 / HONG JISOO / ホン・ジス
Career: SEVENTEEN TV Season 2 & SEVENTEEN SHOWhttp://youtu.be/xeHc4U1Sq-A

After 4 hours of interviewing SEVENTEEN members, Jisoo came in and left a drink saying “You look exhausted”.

He sang a song at the church he went to, and looking at people being touched by him made him dream about becoming a singer.

He is an optimistic boy, who takes things positively and smiles all the time.

He says he can’t really ask someone a favor or comment on people.

He is worried that he is disturbing the SEVENTEEN members because his dance isn’t improving.

We hope to see Jisoo on stage, touching people’s heart by his song and dancing flawlessly with the members
– Song that describes me: youtube artists ‘Gabe bondoc – gentlemen don`t
I started playing the guitar and love music even more by him.

He does music just the way he wants to and it looks awesome. I love his work.



신동진 / SHIN DONGJIN / シン・ドンジン
Career: SEVENTEEN TV Season 2 & SEVENTEEN SHOWhttp://youtu.be/xeHc4U1Sq-A

SEVENTEEN’s young boy Dongjin looks shy but he was a handball player at his primary school.

People  recommended him to apply for a model contest and got the first place.

Since then, he got interested in this industry and decided to become a singer.

He is very mature and passionate though he’s of a young age. Training may be tough but he is cool with it.

We are sure that he will do better and better, aiming for the best
– Song that describes me: Baechigi – Don’t worry.
It’s  a song that I want people to listen to because people think that I’m just a little kid.

I want to tell them not to worry so much about me



윤정한 / YOON JUNGHAN / ユン・ジョンハン

[ETC] SEVENTEEN_Vocal Practice Video_1

[ETC] SEVENTEEN_Dance Practice Video_1

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