Halo (KPOP Group) Profile


Left to right: Inhaeng, Heecheon, Ooon, Dino, Jaeyong, Yoondong

HALO Member Profile

HALO (헤일로), stans for Hexagon of Absolute Light and the Organization, is a 6-membered boy group which debuts in the 26th of June 2014. Actually, they already made an unofficial debut on Dream Concert 20th Anniversary 2014 for promoting their group. The song they performed was “체온이 뜨거워 (Temperature is Hot)”. HALO’s 1st single album is “38°C” with 4 tracks in it. They were under C2 Entertainment which is a sister agency of CJES, but now has changed to AYINHoldings.

HALO official Twitter: @HALOOfficial_

HALO Twitter (Used by Members): @HelloHalo_

HALO official Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/HelloHALOofficial

HALO Fancafe: http://cafe.daum.net/HALOOFFICIAL

HALO Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/OfficialHalo



Stage Name: Ooon (오운)
Real Name: Jung Younghoon
Birthday: 15 January 1993
Position: Leader, Lead Dancer
Twitter: @z0hoon
Used to be a dancer for some famous Kpop groups

Stage Name: Dino
Real Name: Jo Sungho
Birthday: 25 December 1991
Position: Main Vocal

Stage Name: Inhaeng

Real Name: Lee Inhaeng
Birthday: 21 April 1992
Position: Rap
Is COED SCHOOL’s Lee Kwanghaeng younger brother

Stage Name: Jaeyong
Real Name: Jaeyong
Birthday: 13 February 1994
Position: Vocal
Twitter: @skywodyd0

Stage Name: Heechun
Real Name: Kim Heechun
Birthday: 2 September 1994
Position: Vocal
Twitter: @skymir1994
Used to be a member of boygroup TWI-LIGHT

Stage Name: Yoondong
Real Name: Kim Yoondong
Birthday: 20 February 1995
Position: Maknae


HALO Recording Sketch Video

Heecheon, Yoondong, Ooon, Inhaeng as NC-A “교생쌤” back-up dancer

HALO – Can You Hear Me Teaser MV

HALO – 체온이 뜨거워 (FEVER) MV

Twitter: @C2_HALO, @HALO_PH
Tumblr: halonly, halo-6
Wordpress: unsungbyul


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