On the 5th of July, 2NE1 held their “All or Nothing” tour in Japan’s Yokohama Arena, with over 17,000 fans at the show.

Japanese magazine, Sankei Sports and Nikkan Sports reported on 2NE1’s show in Yokohama, in which they revealed that it had been 2 years since 2NE1 last held a tour in Japan, and thus fans were particularly welcoming.

At their concert, they performed Japanese versions of all 21 songs on their most recent album “Crush” over 2 hours, and also performed some encore stages for their fans, in which some of them had the chance to high-five the 2NE1 members during their encore stages.

Also, CL revealed that she had heard K-Pop was very popular in Brazil, and thus one place she had always wanted to perform live at was Brazil. She expressed that she particularly wanted to perform for their fans there after the World Cup had ended.

Would you like to see 2NE1 perform in Brazil?


Cr : Koreaboo,osen


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