Girl’s Day’s Sojin talks about her encounter with a creepy pervert


Girl’s Day‘s Sojin talked about the time she encountered a pervert on the streets!

“One day when it was raining, one man was sitting in an alley with an umbrella,” she recounted during a recent appearance on JTBC‘s ‘Witch Hunt‘. “I wondered why he was washing a sweet potato in the rain.”

Turning again for a closer look, Sojin discovered that – surprise, surprise – he was washing something completely different! “I realized that it wasn’t a sweet potato after all,” she said.

Other than that one time, Sojin also said that perverts occasionally come to her school.“When that happens, some brave friends open the window and yell, ‘It’s really small!’,” she said. “They get flustered and walk away crouching.”

Hopefully this marks an end to her troubles with perverts!


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