‘Happy Camp’ reveals the inside of EXO’s dorm much to the delight of fans

The EXO members revealed their dorm on ‘Happy Camp’!

The EXO members filmed China’s ‘Happy Camp‘ last month on the 11th, and it finally aired! The show revealed what the EXO dorms were like. Chen was up first to introduce his room, showing viewers his bed and his dolls. He said, “I like it when I sleep with my dolls.” Xiumin explained the blanket that had a lot of dolls and wolves drawn on it was a gift from his fans.

The video also showed Lay playing on the piano, and Chanyeol and Baekhyun working on songs on their computer. D.O was so into his movie that he didn’t even know there was a camera, and he stared dully at it and made fans laugh.

Chen also showed Xiumin’s shoe closet, saying, “Just like his personality, it’s very well organized.” Suho and Sehun had a lot of comic books and Iron Man figures. Chen also showed the EXO members’ closet and their kitchen.

Check out the full show above (partially English subbed).


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