Things are getting REAL-ity!

With only around one week left in LA, Bangtan have been super busy! They have been popping up in selcas with celebrity mentors on Instagram, tweeting their own photos from North Hollywood to Long Beach and have been photographed by fans while they were filming. Now we know why.

Their creator Hitman Bang finally came clean about their activities. He as well as producer PDOGG are also in LA and all have been involved in filming a new reality series tentatively titled (I hope), Baby Gangster. It follows BTS around Southern California as they live, work with such famous hip hop names as Coolio and Warren G and play around town.

Although an air date for the show has yet to be announced it was hinted that their new album could drop as early as the end of summer. I really can’t wait!

IMG_20140708_111030 IMG_20140702_104238IMG_20140706_193221


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