A Pink’s Eunji revealed to be preparing a solo album

It looks like A Pink’s Eunji is going to be the next idol girl group member to debut as a solo artist this year!

Thanks to her great live performances in current drama ‘Trot Lovers,’ people have been speculating whether she will be releasing a trot album.  However, her agency, A Cube Entertainment, revealed that she will indeed be releasing a solo album, but it will not be in the genre of trot.

The rep stated, “It is true we received an offer to release a trot album.  However, we have no intention to do that, at all.  We think that her image in the drama must stay within the drama.  We want to protect Eunji’s identity as a member of A Pink and a singer of trendy music.  Currently, Eunji is preparing for her solo debut.  We have not yet decided on the release date, but you will be able to hear it within this year.

Meanwhile, A Pink will begin their advancement into the Japanese market through their showcase in Tokyo on August 4!


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