[EXCLUSIVE] KD Entertainment Reveals Dabit Is Making A Comeback!

10635902_381771311975358_3200578467791467396_nOn October 13, 2014, Dabit’s agency KD Entertainment uploaded to their Facebook, an image of Dabit filming what seemed to be a new music video, hinting that this is for his return.

Dabit made his debut back in December 2013 with the track “Whoo Whoo Whoo”  and now the singer is finally  ready to be making his return to the music scene.

In the photo KD Entertainment released to fans, it shows Dabit filming for his upcoming music video in what looks like an apartment. After speaking to the agency, we learned that Dabit is indeed making his return but not much information was given as of yet.

KD Entertainment did give us an exclusive image from the filming of his music video though and that the singer will be making his comeback this month.

Meanwhile, Dabit has been doing shows around Korea on campus’ and such.

NOTE: This image hasn’t been released yet and was exclusively sent to HypnoticAsia! The image is of Dabit filming for his upcoming music video.

1413192495152Are you excited to see what Dabit has in store for everyone?




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