Kris models for ‘Our Street Style,’ is cast in new Chinese movie, + suspected to have signed on with Hwai Brothers

The previous update on former EXO member, Kris (Wu Yi Fan), brought up the possibility of his signing on with big Chinese entertainment agency, Hwai Brothers, after talks withYUEHUA fell through.  New coverage by Chinese media outlet Sina on October 17 further supports this claim, suggesting that he may have signed his contract by now.

The speculation is based on a recent Instagram post by the daughter of Hwai Brothers CEO,Wang Zhonglei.  She had written, “Wu Yi Fan, whom Wang Zhonglei loves, is a new addition to the family.  Congratulations.  I will look forward to your third movie next year,” and uploaded a picture of the two together.  The post was deleted not too long afterwards, but it had already been screen captured and distributed around Weibo and reported through Chinese media.

It was also revealed recently that Kris was cast in the movie ‘Lao Pao Er,’ which is being produced by Hwai Brothers.  It appears his career in China is really taking off as he additionally took part in a photo shoot with Chinese magazine, ‘Our Street Style.’ You can check out the pictures below.


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