Rain denies he’s the man in alleged nude photo + agency to take legal action+ the Photo


Netizens recently released a nude photo of a man online, one that was alleged to be Rain, and the photo spread online via KakaoTalk. However, according to Cube Entertainment, the person in the leaked photo is not Rain and they’re going to pursue legal action against the original leaker.

According to Cube Entertainment’s statement released on November 13th, “We are preparing to take legal steps against the original leaker of the photo. The man in the photo is not Rain.”

Additionally, according to Rain’s representing attorney, “At first, we were not going to file a charge for this baseless rumour. However, some acquaintances of Rain really thought it was him and many more are starting to believe the rumour. Therefore, we have decided to take legal action. The photo was spread for malicious reasons. If the photo was intended to be photoshopped, then they would have pasted Rain’s face onto the image and would not need to censor the eyes. By censoring the eyes, it is apparent that the photo is being spread with ill intentions.”

The attorney further stated, “Also, Kim Tae Hee never lost her phone. Hence, this case is considered to be executed with an ill-natured purpose. Even though the photo was only spread on the internet, we decided to take strong legal action against the person playing such jokes.”

Yeah, man. Why you gonna involve my girl Kim Tae Hee for?

Anyway, so it’s false and it’s just some random censored pic of a dude, right? So everybody is totally cool with this:

Cr to http://entasia.net


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