Kings man condom in the BTS dorm

The other day, there was a lovely cooking tutorial by BTS’ Jin on the boys’ blog, which had fans aww-ing and ooh-ing at first. But soon after, it wasn’t the delicious dish that he prepared that captivated fans’ attention, but rather an object in the background of one of the pictures!

Hawk-eyed fans noticed a brown, rectangular packaged item in the corner of what appears to be their dorm, and have pointed this out to be a condom! This revelation shattered the fantasies of some, who may have thought that these seemingly innocent boys did not have private lives; while it actually stirred the fantasies of others – sparking inspiration for fanfics across the internet!

Taking to Twitter and other various SNS means, fans expressed their wide array of thoughts, ranging from “I can’t look at BTS in the same way anymore”, “Why do they have a condom in their dorm?!”, “No wonder they were in a ‘War of Hormone'”, “A king-sized condom? Who does it belong to?”, “Maybe its their manager hyung’s”, “At least they’re being safe”, “Glad to know they’re healthy boys”, “Maybe a fan sent it to them”, and more.

What is your reaction to this?


2 thoughts on “Kings man condom in the BTS dorm

  1. You do realize what the device next to the condom is, don’t you??? And I sure as hell hope it isn’t their manager’s condom in the boys’ room. Jeez.

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