Han Hyo-joo takes on dual characters in Beauty Inside

Han Hyo-joo (Dong Yi, Brilliant Legacy) continues to expand her film career: Some of her notable works have been Cold Eyes, Bandage, Masquerade and Only You, and not only has she worked on the Japanese movie, Miracle: Devil Claus’ Love and Magic, so far this year, she’s also worked with Kim Yoon-seok,  Jung Woo) and Kim Hee-ae in the upcoming film C’est Si Bon (about the legendary Korean folk music group, Twin Folio).

According to sources, the actress’s next project will be Beauty Inside, a movie about a man who, each time he falls asleep, wakes up as a different person. The film will follow the man as he desperately tries to get back (in his own body) to the woman he loves. It sounds like a fun premise (a mash-up of Groundhog Day and Freaky Friday), and Han will play both the man who lands in her body and the woman who falls in love with him (erm, maybe it sounds more like Secret Garden).

It has the makings of a hilarious story, and Han has really asserted herself as the actress of her generation — I don’t doubt she can pull off both acts, but now I’m eagerly awaiting the announcement of who will be cast as the male lead. Beauty Inside will be directed by Baek Jong-yeol (known for his CFs and music videos) and will begin filming before the end of the year.

Cr  : Dramabeabs


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