SM Establishes EXO Lay Workshop in China

On April 8, SM Entertainment announced the establishment of the EXO Lay Workshop.

SM stated, “As one of the diverse localization strategies we had for China, the ′Workshop′ method will be applied, and promotions for Lay, EXO′s Chinese member, will be carried out.”

The EXO Lay Workshop was established in China at the end of March. It will be run within the boundaries of the exclusive contract with SM. “Through the EXO Lay Workshop, a new localization will be applied regarding management in China. We were able to secure faith and stability towards Chinese promotions and the contract.”

SM Establishes EXO Lay Workshop in China

“All of Lay′s promotions will take place as scheduled. We′re anticipating the synergy and expansion of the business in local China using this ′Workshop′ method.”

Lay stated through SM Entertainment, “The establishment of this Workshop will be the first step in strengthening a mindset of contract compliance, and I hope that it will be a leading precendent for a contract-abiding mind. I′m certain that my Chinese promotions will be helpful to both EXO and the agency, and I hope that it will help the agency grow, as well as promote the relationship and development of cultural exchange between Korea and China.”

The EXO Lay Workshop is SM′s countermeasure to prevent other foreign members from leaving. SM Entertainment has suffered with the leave of Han Geng, a former Super Junior member as well as Kris (Wu Yi Fan) and Lu Han, former EXO members.

In February, SM Entertainment made an official statement saying, “We have officially filed a lawsuit to the Chinese court against the advertisers who are using Kris and Lu Han, who are illegaly promoting in China as the models.”


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