Krystal Makes Jessica Cry. She Leaves Jessica a Letter.

Jessica’s Birthday was celebrated earlier than her the actual date that’s on the 18th.
Fans are the one who set up this early Birthday Party Project.

“Hello, Jess, wishing you a happy 27th birthday

During birthdays, at the thought that (I) don’t have anything special to do for you, (I) feel very sorry.

Thanks to the fans of unnie, this precious memory is created, it’s great.
It seems that I’ve written many letters to unnie. Although my words are kinda weird, please read it to the end.

Today, (I) originally wanted to make unnie cry, but it seems like it’s not gonna make (you) cry. No matter what, since young till grownup, when I was an elementary school kid and unnie was a high school student, unnie to me, was just like a grownup.

Now, (you’re) really a grownup. Time really passes too quickly. Sometimes (I’ll) feel scared and sad. Just like when we were young, singing and dancing at home. Just like a few days ago, we were in our living room free dancing, we should stay like this, playing as we turn into grannies and continuing to play together.

Although right now, to unnie, (I’m) still like a kid, the things I say, you will lend a listening ear and give me your respect. It feels like having an unnie and a good friend at the same time. Unnie you who always show your sincerity, at the same time, (I) see you the unnie who cries and bears burdens every day, I too, can’t help but tear. (My) heart is in pain. My sister is actually such a fragile and sincere person, does everyone know? Although these thoughts make me feel aggrieved, I will forget all of them.

From this moment, (I’ll) only focus on our present, the happiness of the present. If (we) can be wrapped in these happy times, it’ll be great. Even if unpredictable things happen in future, I believe my cool unnie will battle on coolly. Always be my cool unnie.

I will always be by unnie’s side, unnie will always be by my side too. We will strive on together, and lead even more interesting lives.

Thank you for being my sister. I love you.”


source: KissSoo and 반유동이 of -f(x)gallery-



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