Chen Are You Dating APINK BOMI?

chen lay ema
EXO visited Seoul of Performing Arts Highschool to record KBS Guerilla Date. There was a Q&A session with EXO and the students can ask anything to them. One student asked Chen if it’s true that he dates Apink Yoon Bomi. Whether Chen mis-heard or he heard but pretending not to hear, yet for a moment his face going blank. In spite of that, Xiumin’s expression completely stiffed.
Dunno, whether this mean Chen really dates Bomi or it’s Xiumin instead who dates her or Xiumin just pissed off because of the ridiculous question.
This didnt get aired but appear on fancams trough Youtube and sparks controversy.
Later EXO only laughing this question off.

More than that, EXO-L also voiced out their anger because of SOPA students unmannerly behavior.

Summary of what happened during Guerilla Date recording :


1. Guerilla Date MC insulted a fat student, “you dance well but why dont you lose weight?’ Hearing that, Kai said ‘dont be like that’ Chen & Chanyeol went near her added, ‘ no no no you’re pretty. pretty!’ ➡ MC apologized via his SNS

2. A student asked Chen whether he dates Apink Yoon Bomi or not. EXO was dumbfounded thus laughed it off. Thatstudent then asked Chen to take a photo with her.

3. The students shouted ‘hey! chinese! chinese!’ in sarcastic remark where Lay was present there during recording.

4. The students asked not to scream when EXO perform. Well, this could be a joke because in the end the atmosphere was heated. However, a student posted on her facebook about her receiving pocket money = she sold signed CD that she got so she got the money. No matter what, EXO is still a public figure, they older than the students and Kai&Sehun are straight up their senior so they should behave properly. Many EXO-L are disappointed with SOPAstudents because of this incident.

5. A student even asked EXO did they have work done/fixed their face

6. Few of the students apologized thru their SNS, which clearly they did it half-assingly, insincerely when people read them.(source 1 2 | translated byAYOSHIARI)

Source : Kpopviral


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