Did Girls’ Generation’s new “Catch Me If You Can” MV copy American singer Ciara?

Girls’ Generation recently unveiled a new MV for “Catch Me If You Can,” where the girls show off their new song and dance routine at a construction work site. But some sharp-eyed viewers have compared the MV to American singer Ciara’s MV for her song “Work” from 6 years ago. Is it plaigirism? Take a look at the 2 videos and tell us what you think.

There’s no doubt that the girls of Girls’ Generation (SNSD) can sing and dance. Here’s their new “Catch Me If You Can” music video, where the girls look sexy and powerful in a complex choreography.

Ciara is the multi-talented American singer, songwriter, dancer, fashion model, actress, and record producer. Here is her MV from 2009 for her song “Work” with an impressive performance that still looks awesome after 6 years.

The clothes with the cut-off tank tops with tight-fitting jeans and the work-site location with construction equipment do appear to look similar. What do you think? Is it just a coincidence, or was the GG stylist inspired by Ciara’s MV? Plagiarism is a serious issue. Would you call the similarities here plagiarism?


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