EXO-Ls Confess The Lies They Told Their Parents Just So They Can Go See EXO

start 35:10


Baekhyun red a confession message sent by fan on KBS Volume Up Radio.


“Please relay to my dad who is listening the radio now. Dad, to be honest I didnt go to the reading room last time, instead I attended all 5-days EXO concert behind your back.”


The boys giggled and Chen shouted, “OMG!”

In the end they added, “We’re thankful that you came to all of our concerts, but in the end, lying to your parents is not a good thing.”


Then, the confession message goes viral and fans start participating by confessing their hilarious lie regarding EXO on Twitter.



“Mom, I participated on Youth Push Up Love Up Competition not because I want to, it’s because I want to see EXO.”



“Sorry Mom, I went to their concert 3 times and purchased 8 album copies but I couldnt go to fansign.”



“Mom, you know why I am majoring in Chinese Lit. right?…”



“Mom, I didnt pick up your calls not because I was sleeping on the bus… I was jumping around inside Olympic Garden with EXO…”



“Honestly I didnt go to art exhibition… I went to Kim Minseok fanpics exhibition…. The kid who Mom said looks like cat….”



“Professor, I lied that I was sick. That because my heart always in pain because of EXO.”



“I didnt sleep on my friend’s home because it’s holiday, I was sleeping in front of MBC….”



“Mom, I lied that my money was lost. I used it to watch EXO concert.”



“Mom, I’m sorry. Last Friday I said I was in school because I had an assignment…. actually I was staying up all night for Music Core.”



“Mom, sorry.. actually I went to Japan because of EXO…”



“Mom, everyday I say I sleep on my friend’s home but that’s all lie. I has been sleeping on the floor (t/n:waiting for music program)..”


adding more from Instiz

“Mom, I’m sorry. I lied that I slept out and played in my friend’s home. That day I was stayed up all night for 15 hours and covered in cardboard under sunlight…..”


“Mom, I’m sorry. On 13rd I said I went to Incheon and slept on my friend’s home. That day, I attended their concert then slept on the saunaㅠㅜㅠㅜ However, the money was from Dad ㅠㅜ Forgive me.”

“Mom, I lied that I was sick. I went to EXO fansign. It’s raining a lot….but they were handsome.”

“Mom, actually I came home at 3AM that day not because I was in reading room, I went to EXO concert… It took 6 hours from Seoul to Wangbokㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ sorry Mom.”

“Sorry Teacher, I skipped class to go to pre-recording…”

“Mom, sorry. You allowed me to buy 20 copies of EXO album as long as I dont go to their concert but actually I attended the concert 2 times…. I said I want to stop fangirling, but honestly I went to Red Velvet fansign too…..I’m really sorry….”


“Mom, sorry. Actually I didnt go to study group to do homework but I went to year-end award…”

“Mom, I’m sorry. I bought MCM bag not because it simply looks pretty. I imitate Kim Minseok. I said I want to meet a friend in Seoul but the truth is I went to see EXO. I didnt buy EXO calendar not because it looks pretty but I purchased it because there is Minseok’s face on it. I bought Fury sneaker not because it’s comfortable. I imitate Kim Minseok.”

“Mom, right now I’m not studying….. I’m watching EXO videosㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ”


“Dad, it’s a lie that I left for Daegu to play… I watched their concert… I didnt lost 50,000 won but I used it to make investment into the albums. I didnt spend all my money for my friend’s birthday gift. I used it to feed on my oppars..”

“Mom, sorry. I didnt go to library but did ticketing instead. By the way, two days before mid-term exam, I went to concert…”

“Mom, actually the books that I ordered are not a simple novel books….sorry…. every time Mom asks me to read together my heart trembles to death…” (t/n: referring to NC+ fanfic books)

translated by AYOSHIARI

Cr : Kpopviral.com


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