K-pop auditions for FNC Entertainment coming to US for first time

CN BLUE (FNC Entertainment)

FNC Entertainment, home to CN BLUE, AOA and FT Island, will hold its first-ever U.S. auditions in five cities.

K-pop idol hopefuls in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Francisco, Seattle and Hawaii will have a chance to showcase their talents in categories including vocals, sance, acting and modeling.

In September, FNC will hold additional auditions in New York, New Jersey, Toronto and Vancouver.

FNC will take applications from people aged 12 to 24. Participation is free.

The Korea Times is a sponsor of FNC auditions.

For more information, visit http://www.fnc-audition.com.

Audition dates:

Los Angeles – May 30 (LA@fncent.com)

Orange County – May 31 (orange-county@fncent.com)

San Francisco – June 6 (san-francisco@fncent.com)

Seattle – June 13 (seattle@fncent.com)

Hawaii – June 20 (hawaii@fncent.com)


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