SM Denies Rumors of Tao Leaving EXO

Regarding the reports made by a Chinese news outlet saying that Tao will be leaving EXO, SM Entertainment made an official statement.

On April 16, SM Entertainment told enews, “The rumors of Tao leaving the group are unfounded.

SM Denies Rumors of Tao Leaving EXO

The rumors of Tao leaving EXO were reported by the Chinese video site, iqiyi on April 16. Due to an injury from MBC′s Idol Athletics Championships in January, Tao hasn′t been able to rise to the stage since. The news outlet borrowed the words of an affiliated person, saying, “Tao expressed that he wanted to cancel his contract with SM.”

But the rumors have been proven false.

As it wasn′t news reported by an influential platform and EXO being very popular locally, rumors such as this have always been floating around. While various rumors of EXO are plenty in China, due to one Korean news outlet quoting the Chinese rumors as a report, an issue was created.

The SM rep emphasized, “There′s no such thing. It′s groundless.”


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