Agencies & Record Labels

Wanna know what agency your bias group belongs to? Well, have no fear, for now we have a page that helps you resolve your confusion! Take a look and be surprised at what group can collaborate with what group, and what company has all the best artists!

Note: Not all information may be correct or up-to-date. If you notice something is wrong, don’t hesitate to let us know! 



Distributor = A company that assists in advertising, marketing, and promoting the artist, but they do not sign them under a contract (think of “the rain that waters the tree”)

Main Unit = A leading conglomerate company (think of “a tree trunk”)

Sister Unit = A company that grows out from another company (think of “branches on a tree”)

Sub Unit = A company that was developed under another company (think of “leaves on a branch”)

Unit = An individual company founded separately. A smaller version of a Main Unit.

  • A Cube Entertainment (Sub Unit of Cube Entertainment)
  • AOM (Unit)
  • AQ Entertainment (Sister Unit of JYP Entertainment)
  • B2M Entertainment (Main Unit [Unsure])
  • Bad Boss Company (Main Unit)
  • Big Hit Entertainment (Sub Unit of JYP Entertainment)
  • Brand New Stardom Entertainment (Main Unit) – This company no longer exists. It has since split into Brand New Music and Stardom Entertainment.
  • Brand New Music (Sister Unit of Stardom Entertainment)
  • CJ E&M Group (Distributor)
  • C-JeS Entertainment (Sister Unit of CJ E&M Group)
  • Core Contents Media (Main Unit)
  • Cube Entertainment (Main Unit)
  • Cube DC (Sub Unit of Cube Entertainment)
  • DR Music (Main Unit)
  • Dream Tea Entertainment (Main Unit)
  • DSP Media/Entertainment or Daesung Entertainment (Main Unit)
  • FNC Music (Sub Unit of MNet Media)
  • GP Basic Entertainment (Main Unit)
  • JYP Entertainment (Main Unit)
  • J.Tune Camp/Entertainment (Sub Unit of JYP Entertainment)
  • KT Music (Main Unit)
  • LeeYeon Entertainment (Main Unit)
  • LOEN Entertainment (Distributor) – Formerly known as Seoul Records.
  • Monkey Funch Entertainment (Main Unit)
  • MNet Media (Sister Unit of CJ E&M Group)
  • Nega Network (Main Unit formed by LOEN Ent.)
  • NH Media/Entertainment (Main Unit)
  • Open World Entertainment (Main Unit)
  • Pledis Entertainment (Main Unit)
  • Polaris Entertainment (Main Unit)
  • Seven Seasons Entertainment (Main Unit)
  • SM C&C (Sub-Unit of SM Entertainment)
  • SM Entertainment (Main Unit)
  • Source Music Entertainment (Main Unit)
  • Stardom Entertainment (Sister Unit of Brand New Music)
  • Star Empire Entertainmeent (Main Unit)
  • Starship Entertainment (Sub Unit of LOEN Entertainment)
  • Soul Shop Entertainment (Unit)
  • Sniper Sound (Unit)
  • T.O.P Media/Entertainment (Main Unit)
  • TS Entertainment (Main Unit)
  • WM Entertainment (Main Unit)
  • Woollim Entertainment (Main Unit)
  • Woollim Label (Sister Unit of SM C&C)
  • YG Entertainment (Main Unit)
  • YMC Entertainment (Main Unit)


  • A Cube Entertainment
  1. A Pink (Girl Group)
  2. Huh Gak (Soloist)
  3. Mario (Soloist)
  • AOM
  1. Jay Park (Soloist)
  2. Grey (Soloist)
  3. Simon D (Soloist)
  • AB Entertainment
  1. EXID (Girl Group)
  • AQ Entertainment
  1. Miss A (Girl Group)
  • B2M Entertainment
  1. SPICA (Girl Group)
  2. Lee Hyori (Soloist)
  3. Heo Young Saeng (Soloist)
  4. Kim Kyu Jong (Soloist)
  • Bad Boss Company
  1. Soul Harmony (Duo)
  • Big Hit Entertainment
  1. 2AM (Boy Group)
  2. 8Eight (Girl & Boy Group)
  3. Homme (Duo)
  4. Lim Jeong Hee (Soloist)
  5. David Oh (Soloist)
  • Brand New Music
  1. Miss $ (Duo)
  2. Verbal Jint (Soloist)
  3. Rhymer (Soloist)
  4. H (Soloist)
  5. Keeproots (Soloist)
  6. P-Type (Soloist)
  7. Bizniz (Soloist)
  8. Swings (Soloist)
  9. Bumkey (Soloist)
  10. San E (Soloist)
  11. Kanto (Soloist)
  12. Phantom (Boy Group)
  13. Troy (Boy Group)
  • C-JeS Entertainment
  1. JYJ (Boy Group)
  2. Gummy (Soloist)
  • Cube Entertainment
  1. 4Minute (Girl Group)
  2. B2ST (Boy Group)
  3. G.NA (Soloist)
  4. Trouble Maker (Duo)
  • Cube DC Entertainment
  1. BTOB (Boy Group)
  • Core Contents Media
  1. T-ara (Girl Group)
  2. Gangkiz (Girl Group)
  3. Davichi (Duo)
  4. Yangpa (Soloist)
  5. Co-Ed School (Girl & Boy Group)
  6. 5Dolls (Girl Group)
  7. SPEED (Boy Group)
  • DR Music
  1. RaNia (Girl Group)
  • Dream Tea Entertainment
  1. Girls’ Day (Girl Group)
  • DSP Entertainment
  1. KARA (Girl Group)
  2. Rainbow (Girl Group)
  3. SS501 (Boy Group)
  4. A-JAX (Boy Group)
  • FNC Music
  1. CN Blue (Boy Group)
  2. FT Island (Boy Group)
  3. M-Signal (Duo)
  • GP Basic Entertainment
  1. JQT (Girl Group)
  • J. Tune Camp/Entertainment
  1. Rain (Soloist)
  2. MBLAQ (Boy Group)
  • JYP Entertainment
  1. Wonder Girls (Girl Group)
  2. 2PM (Boy Group)
  3. JJ Project (Duo)
  4. Got7 (Boy Group)
  5. JOO (Soloist)
  • KT Music
  1. Boohwal (Soloist)
  • LeeYeon Entertainment
  1. HAM (Girl Group)
  • LOEN Entertainment
  1. IU (Soloist)
  2. ZIA (Soloist)
  3. Sunny Hill (Girl & Boy Group)
  • Monkey Funch Entertainment
  1. Dalmatian/DMTN (Boy Group)
  2. MC Mong (Soloist)
  • Nega Network
  1. Brown Eyed Girls (Girl Group)
  • NH Media
  1. U-Kiss (Boy Group)
  • Open World Entertainment
  1. The BOSS / DGNA (Boy Group)
  2. X-5 (Boy Group)
  • Pledis Entertainment
  1. After School (Girl Group)
  2. Hello Venus (Girl Group)
  3. NU’EST (Boy Group)
  4. Son Dambi (Soloist)
  • Seven Seasons Entertainment
  1. Block B (Boy Group)
  • SM Entertainment
  1. Girls’ Generation (Girl Group)
  2. f(x) (Girl Group)
  3. CSJH The Grace (Girl Group)
  4. Super Junior (Boy Group)
  5. SHINee (Boy Group)
  6. TRAX (Boy Group)
  7. TVXQ (Boy Group)
  8. EXO (Boy Group)
  9. BoA (Soloist)
  10. Kangta (Soloist)
  11. Iconiq (Soloist)
  • Sniper Sound
  1. Gilme (Soloist)
  2. Outsider (Soloist)
  • Soul Shop Entetainment
  1. Kim Tae Woo (Soloist)
  • Source Music Entertainment
  1. Kan Mi Youn (Soloist)
  • Stardom Entertainment
  1. EvoL (Girl Group)
  • Starship Entertainment
  1. SISTAR (Girl Group)
  2. Boyfriend (Boy Group)
  3. K. Will (Soloist)
  4. SISTAR19 (Duo)
  • Star Empire Entertainment
  1. Miji
  2. Nine Muses (Girl Group)
  3. Jewelry (Girl Group)
  4. ZE:A (Boy Group)
  • Startory Entertainment
  1. LEDApple (Boy Group)
  • T.O.P. Media
  1. Teen Top (Boy Group)
  • TS Entertainment
  1. Secret (Girl Group)
  2. B.A.P. (Boy Group)
  3. Untouchable (Duo)
  4. Bang & Zelo (Duo)
  • WM Entertainment
  1. B1A4 (Boy Group)
  • Woollim Entertainment
  1. Infinite (Boy Group)
  • YG Entertainment
  1. 2NE1 (Girl Group)
  2. Big Bang (Boy Group)
  3. Se7en (Soloist)
  4. Psy (Soloist)
  5. Epik High (Boy Group)
  6. Lee Hi (Soloist)
  7. Akdong Musician (Duo)
  8. WINNER (Boy Group)
  • YMC Entertainment
  1. Wheesung (Soloist)
  2. Ailee (Soloist)
  3. Mighty Mouth (Duo)
  4. Baechigi (Duo

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