BoM’s Member Profile

Full Name: Kim Rae Sung
Stage Name: Rae Won
Date Of Birth: 29 June 1987
Extra info: 
Former member of Y2Y
Full Name: Meng Se Chang
Stage Name: SeChang
Date Of Birth: 13 November 1991
Extra info:
Past experience in Films
🙂 June’s Diary [as Jang Jun Ha]
🙂 Wonderful Days [as Young Suha]
🙂 The man who went to Mars [as Young Seungjae]
🙂 Chrysanthemum’s Smell [as Donghyun]
🙂 Junomyung’s Bakery [as Park Junho]
Full Name: Song MinHo
Stage Name: Tagoon
Date Of Birth: 30 March 1993
Extra info:
Formerly in: Brand New Stardom as a member of Block Buster [Block.B]
Full Name: Yoo Kyung Mok
Stage Name: Yua
Date Of Birth: 20 July 1994
Extra info:

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