Teen Top

TeenTop’s Member Profile

Rookie 6-member boy group, Teen Top make their debut July 9, 2010. Their debut with a song tittle “Clap”. Their offical website was reveal on July 2, 2010, one week before their debut.http://www.teentop.co.kr/
The 6 member are (from left to right) ChangJo, Ricky, Niel, C.A.P, L.Joe and ChunJi.
RealName : Bang MinSoo
Date of Birth : 4th November 1992
BloodType : O
Hobbies: Design, drawing and exercise
Speciality: Writing lyrics and rapping
Education: Seongname Information Industry High School, 3rd Grade
‘Charisma Rapper’
Leader of the group
RealName : Lee ChanHee
Date of Birth : 5th October 1993
BloodType : B
Hobbies: Puzzles, reading
Speciality: Imitations
Education: Seongji Middle School, 2nd grade
‘Power Voice’
RealName : Lee ByungHun
Date of Birth : 23rd November 1993
BloodType : A
Hobbies: Acting
Speciality: Piano, violin, music composition, English
Education: Korea Arts High School, 1st grade
‘Bad Boy Rapper’
RealName : Ahn Daniel
Date of Birth : 16th August 1994
BloodType : A
Hobbies: Music appreciation
Speciality: Football
Education: Heungjin High School, 1st grade
‘Emotional Vocal’
RealName : Yoo ChangHyun
Date of Birth : 27th Febuary 1995
BloodType : AB
Hobbies: Movies Appreciation, piano
Speciality: Acting
Education: Namgang Middle School, 3rd grade
‘Lovely Vocal’
RealName : Choi JongHyun
Date of Birth : 16th November 1995
BloodType : B
Hobbies: Choreography composition, music appreciation
Speciality: Self-defence
Education: ChunCheon Middle School, 3rd grade
‘Dancing Boy’



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