M.Pire (엠파이어) is a South-Korean boyband with seven members. The group debuted August 1st 2013 with six members: Taehee (leader, lead vocal), Yooseung (rapper),Haru (sub-vocal), Red (sub-vocal), T.O (main vocal) and Jerry (rapper). October 2013 they were joined by Lumin (main vocal).

They are managed by CMG Chorok Stars. Sometimes, especially during debut, they were listed under ‘Benjamin Entertainment,’ which is a sub-company under CMG Chorok Stars.

M.Pire is pronounced as ‘empire,’ and it’s a combination of the words ‘music’ and ‘vampire.’ This is to signify the need for music to continue living.

M.Pire’s fandom name is Muse (뮤즈).

This name is an acronym, standing for: Mind, Understand, Special and Encourage. Each word bares meaning. With their full mind, M.Pire fans will understand the members and encourage them as a one of a kind (special) group. Muse is the inspiration and driving force behind M.Pire.

They will also refer to Muses as their ‘life-blood,’ due to their vampire concept. Saying they can’t live without the attention and love from Muses either.


✚ Benjamin Ent. Youtube channel
✚ CMG Chorok Star Youtube channel
✚ Daum Fancafe
↪ check out a tutorial on how to join and level up here.
✚ Group me2day (inactive)
✚ Group Twitter
↪ individual Twitter accounts are linked under each member’s profile
✚  Official Facebook page
✚  M.Pire staff Twitter (with schedule updates etc.)
✚  CMG Chorok Stars website


Taehee (태희)
Full Name: Lee Tae Hee (이태희)
Date of Birth: August 24th, 1989
Position: leader + lead vocal
Height: 181cm
Weight: 70kg
Blood Type: B
❱❱ Twitter
❱❱ Instagram


  • Was part of the disbanded group BB.BOYS
  • Likes leopard and/or cheetah print a lot
  • Took part in the design decisions for their debut concept
  • Places someone’s heart and personality over looks (ideal type)
  • Named his ideal celebrity type to be Miss A’s Suzy
  • Is a big fan of JYJ, he looks up to Xia Junsu
  • Is nicknamed ‘Taepu’ which stands for ‘Prince Taehee’ for his royal flawless looks

Lumin (루민)
Full Name: Lee Seung Hyun (이승현)
Date of Birth: March 20th, 1990
Position: main vocal
Height: 179cm
Weight: 64kg
Blood Type: A
Education: Palos Verdes Peninsula High School (USA); Anyang Foreign Language High School; Dong Seoul College Dept. of Applied Music
❱❱ Twitter
❱❱ Instagram


  • Before joining M.Pire, he was known as LeeU
  • Was a member of F.CUZ from Januari 2010 (Jiggy) until august 2011 (Never Let You Go)
  • Like Taehee, he is also a big fan of leopard print
  • Describes himself as “mischievous” and compares himself to a cat
  • Hobbies include bowling, composing, writing lyrics, and watching movies
  • Favorite artists are JYJ, Timbaland, Sul Woon Do (His father), Michael Jackson, & Yutaka Ozaki
  • Before debuting with F.Cuz, he was a popular ulzzang and had a solo career under the stage name “U” (唯)
  • His musical debut was in “Elisabeth the Musical” as the character of Rudolf on March 1st, 2001
  • Developed a friendship with JYJ’s Jaejoong after appearing together on an episode of “Happy Together” in 2008.
  • Is also close to Kim Kibum (formerly of U-Kiss), Takeru of SuG, & Mika of DGNA
  • Ideal type is a sexy girl who has a cute smile, is fair skinned and has aegyo

Seo Yooseung (서유승)
Real Name: Seo Young Hoon (서영훈)
Date of Birth: January 26th, 1990
Position: rapper
Height: 179cm
Weight: 62kg
Blood Type: A
❱❱ Twitter


  • Was part of the disbanded group BB.BOYS (under the stagename “Jino”)
  • His ideal type is a modern urban woman
  • Looks up to Big Bang, more specifically T.O.P for his rap skills
  • Had his acting debut in the 2013 drama “Hundred Year Inheritance”
    ↪ Watch some of his acting cuts here !

Haru (하루)
Real Name: Oh Hyunjun (오현준)
Date of Birth: December 26th, 1991
Position: sub-vocal
Height: 181cm
Weight: 64kg
Blood Type: A
❱❱ Twitter
❱❱ Instagram
❱❱ Facebook


  • Did modelling before becoming a trainee
  • Looks for a lover that is like a friend, prefers a good personality over looks
  • Has shown to be a fan of fellow k-pop group VIXX
  • Also named Shinwha as a group he looks up to due to their determination
  • Has appeared in a couple of MVs predebut


Red (레드)
Real name: Guojin (国进)
Nationality: Chinese
Date of Birth: December 4th, 1991
Position: vocal
Height: 183cm
Weight: 63kg
Blood Type: O
❱❱ Weibo
❱❱ Twitter


  • Grew up in China, but went to Konkuk University in Seoul
  • Is mixed Dutch/Chinese, with a Dutch mother
  • Likes girls with long hair and a funny personality
  • Named Secret’s Han Sunhwa as ideal celebrity type
  • Is a fan of Super Junior due to their popularity in China

T.O (티오)
Real name: Go Hyun Woo (고현우)
Date of Birth: June 3rd, 1992
Position: main vocal
Height: 178cm
Weight: 62kg
Blood Type: O
❱❱ Twitter

  • Was a trainee at B2M entertainment and a rumoured member of a ‘male Spica’ group before joining M.Pire
  • Named B2ST as a role model, more specifically member Yoseob
  • Likes girls with a pretty smile, his ideal type is someone he can protect and take care of
  • Was named the funniest member in M.Pire by the other members
  • Was first going to be named “Tom” to match with Jerry (like Tom & Jerry), but he ditched the ‘m’ and went for the name T.O.

Jerry (제리)
Real name: Moon Youngseo (문영서)
Date of Birth: September 15th, 1994
Position: rapper
Height: 172cm
Weight: 56kg
Blood Type: B
❱❱ Twitter


  • Was going to debut in a 6 member boygroup under Dona Entertainment named Doctor K, but the project was cancelled.
  • Has done backup dancing predebut (more info)
  • His stage name ‘Jerry’ is based on a chocolate drink with a similar name that he drank a lot predebut
  • Has a tattoo on his shoulder with the characters “faith/trust” and “righteousness” and the line “it’s only the beginning now” (cr. M.Pire TW for translating)
  • Wanted to do sports before becoming a singer, he is also the most athletic member in the group
  • Ideal type is a girl that is small and compact, and makes him feel better when he sees her
  • Named IU as ideal celebrity type
  • Big Bang’s Taeyang is his role model


To read about the history of M.Pire before debut, please check this separate post.



[130801] Single album [Carpe Diem]

  1. 너랑 친구 못해 (We can’t be friends) (title track) [MV]
  2. 너랑 친구 못해 (inst.)

[131030] 2nd single album [New Born]

  1. 까딱까딱 (I’m better) (title track)
  2. On my mind
  3. 너랑 친구 못해 (We can’t be friends) *Rerecorded with Lumin’s voice
  4. 까딱까딱 (Inst.)
  5. On my mind (Inst.)
  6. 너랑 친구 못해 (Inst.)

[131230] T.O solo single [Lie]

  1. 거짓말 (Lie) (title track) [MV]

[140515] 3nd single album [Rumor]

  1. 그런 애 아니야 (Not That Kind of Person) [MV]
  2. 별이 되어… (0324)
  3. 그런 애 아니야 (inst.) (Be a star)
  4. 별이 되어… (0324) (inst.)


[140411] M.Pire DVD Magazine Story #1 [details]



  • Rookie award @ Asia Model Festival Awards


  • Rookie award @ Korean Wave Industry Awards
  • Rookie ‘rising star’ Award @ 1st Hawaii International Music Award Festival
  • Appointed public ambassador of Korean Disaster Relief

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