Using the Fancafe (Tutorial)

Here is a basic use guide for participating in the fancafes.  Unfortunately some of my translations will only be good for this cafe.  General use of the cafe should be the same across all of the cafes.

The cafe we used for this information is BTL (Beyond The Limit)

Almost every fancafe has a rank/level system.  When you join you will be a level 1 or most basic.  Most posts will not be accessible to level 1’s.

Level 2’s have a much greater access.  They have access to about 95 percent of the public boards.

Level 3’s are official fanclub members.  They have either paid to be upgraded, or met certain requirements.  Some of these may be Post 100 times and leave 1000 comments and visit the cafe a specific number of times.  **EVERY CAFE IS DIFFERENT**

How to use a FancafeAt the top of most fan cafes are links to other official sites such as the groups home page, facebook, twitter, and youtube.  Most often these will be written in korean which you can see in this picture.

  • 페이스북 (Facebook)
  • 트위터 (Twitter)
  • 유튜브 (Youtube)

The support messages are your way of cheering on the group.

Make sure to check the official notices in cafe for important announcements.  Announcements can be upcoming concerts, performances, comebacks, official fanclub membership announcements (these are different than being in the fancafe.)

The “Broadcast Notice” board will give you important information for upcoming broadcasts, like Inkigayo, Music Core, Show Champion and what not.  This will have information about how to get into the tapping, if your visiting or want to go check it out.

To. (group) – messages you can send directly to the group members or the group.

From. (Group) – Posts made by the group members

**Some cafes have a second board “To. (Fanclub)”. These are messages from the group to level 3 members of the cafe**


How to use a Fancafe2

Most of the boards are fairly similar, and follow simple rules, such as be nice, show respect to the group members (especially important if your typing in Korean). Keep posts on topic and in the proper places. Beware of copyrights.

The cafe’s may have specific ways that posts should be titled.  If your unsure follow the examples of others.

Leveling Up

To level up look for “등업” Some cafes like the one of above has specific days for level up. Enter the room and apply for the level up.


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